Client Overview

We did a major project for one of Ireland’s leading manufacturing businesses. This company has many  sites strategically located around the country. Our review in AAL management was to analyse and review the productivity and analysis of its sites along with its communication structures for this analysis . The business wanted to become more efficient and increase productivity so to fasten their position as market leader. They needed AAL to assess all aspects of the business from a financial to operational alignment to ensure quicker reaction times and ability to implement changes in the best interest of the company.

The Challenge

The sheer size and scope of the project was the challenge here. A business walk through commenced with all processes, procedures, systems, flow and resources effectively audited, an audit of key costs and their variances per site personnel capability. Each stage in the production process with varying administration at various levels, some manual, some automated, outdated computerised system and multiple independent operations systems which were not synced to head-office. Integration, compatibility and comparability, was key to the successful business management both financially and operationally, this was undertaken specifically in relation to internal communications and the streamlining of processes though effective infrastructure and resources for the project.

The Results

A business case was put to the management demonstrating investment required and projected return for the project. The entire site was networked and fibered to allow for the communications and processes to be & standardised. The system was designed and introduced with training of key personnel. The reduction in administration time across all areas within the site was greatly reduced. Micro and macro management systems and reporting systems were introduced to maintain efficiency and control. The streamlining of all administration activities within the business meant the productivity, finance, decisions & regular production flow having an impact on the business performance.


AAL have been very effective and efficient in the delivery of the project with an integrated management system that enabled our business to grow, the systems and procedures both manual and automated enabled our business to have a secure platform in which to operate and develop. AAL transformed the business processing, effectiveness & reporting,  that will stay with our business well into the future, the investment with AAL as advisors and implementation has been an investment that we have achieved significant return, over the last 7 years

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