Client Overview

This client is a major player in the telecom sector nationally and internationally. They worked with all the major global networks from their base in Ireland. AAL were initially engaged for a 6 week project to conduct a systems overview and procedural analysis for the firm. The focus was to establish if the current systems were adequate to ensure alignment for businesses and their clients.

The Challenge

The business needed a comprehensive and accurate data flow to work seamlessly with their clients. In the initial review the business had no structure for procedures or policies and required assistance with implementing procedures. As a small company at the time they were limited in their resources to ensure accuracy and good time management within their administration system. Operations and finance had no alignment and had entirely different procedures around activities with manual application and had no integration mechanism, which created issues on accuracy and efficiency in data flow, making decision making almost impossible. The client’s remit changed during the process as a result of the business evolving and the real challenge was ensuring that the controls and procedures being implemented Irish operation to be managed efficiently and to apply internationally.

The Results

AAL streamlined all business processes, integration with clients, assistance with development strategies on managing client’s requirements and supporting clients on various control issues. We implemented a structured reporting policy, with reviews on all management, monthly and quarterly and reviews of project performance and grouped business models to enable decisions at a macro level and allow for an overview of future project’s status’ on an ad hoc basis. AAL developed strategies & structures with their client on. AAL negotiated on behalf of their clients, this negotiation proved very successful for the client. Information on financial projections and operational strategies were provided by AAL accounting division including accurate reporting systems for client audits along with cross-department reporting. The integration and streamlining ensure compatibility between systems and processes with the reporting achievable working to defined goals and targets.


AAL assisted our business to grow from being very small to a major competitor in the Irish and international markets. AAL assisted by integrating our business with our clients business in a seamless fashion, which enabled us to focus on attaining new projects and programmes from our client’s as we became their approved supplier. This advice and management provided our business with a platform that allowed us to engage in larger projects and engage with capital investment along with the programme to get return on that investment. AAL’s ability to strategically position our business was a result of the operational and management information provided, with advice and recommendations along the way that assisted our decisions. Their ability to quickly understand our business and move with the speed of the industry, which is always difficult, was exceptional and was of great benefit to us.
AAL have given advice on project development and negotiated on our behalf at the highest levels for our business. This negotiation and advice has won many projects and resulted in significant return for the business. AAL are advisors that differentiate, for any business established and looking to grow and improve AAL are the advisors to engage with for a successful programme of development.

Case Study Details

Services Used:

Project Management

Management Information Systems


Sectors: Telecom
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