Organisational Change Is Now Continual Change

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Organisational Change Is Now Continual Change

There is some hope that the crisis is peaking from a health and economic perspective.  There is no denying that the pandemic has caused people to stop and think about how they are doing business and why they are doing what they do.  However, in this article our Managing Director Áine Kiely O’Donnell suggests that the businesses who have used this time to think about organisational change in their businesses will be better positioned to maintain their competitive edge.

The Crisis Might Be Peaking.  Have You Focused On The Change Needed For Your Business?

Use this unique and testing time to:


Type of Change – Questions to Consider

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • is there an opportunity here?
  • what is the opportunity you see?,
  • what is the opportunity you have taken in this time of change?  Were these opportunities gained or were they opportunities lost. 
  • what is your future business plan looking like now?

A rethink of how we can work better and improve our business model and business performance requires deep change in how operational innovation can transform your business.

Operational innovation is changing how we do business in an operational sense rather than the operational excellence that we have discussed in previous articles.

What is Operational Innovation? – the way to rework in your own industry

We have evidence of the agility of many businesses in the past months created out of necessity.  The ‘learnings’ here are critical for business and it is important we are open to these opportunities that present in these changing times.

Rethink and Rework –  the re-engineering of your business model for better success.

Some benefits:

  • Customer Retention, Market Share, Agility to Implement Strategy, New Markets
  • Competitive Pricing, Differentiated Offering
  • Customer Relationship and Support – Value Added

What Is The Operational Benefit of Organisational Change?

  • Lower cost – Efficient process implementation and automation
  • Turnaround Time –Added Value  – Simplify the process
  • Customers – how did we manage and protect and develop our relationships
  • Culture  – Culture can undervalue operation, impossible to change unless it is independent Mgmt

The crisis has taught me many things.  One of the most important things is that time is precious.  If you haven’t already, you should be using this time to look at how your business is structured and ask yourself; what is a necessity and where do I want to take the business?

Why Choose AAL?

AAL has significant experience in assisting business owners in realigning their businesses.  Sometimes the changes were brought about by a simple desire for change, other times the economy changed and they needed to pivot.  We have enjoyed much success in both sets of circumstances and we would be happy to share testimonials with you.

We see our role as supporting your organisation in managing the uncertainty of the past number of months.  Our role is also to position your company so that it can continue to grow even as the economy experiences major challenges.

We do this by identifying what needs to be changed and improving business processes with the review of your human capital and aligning capabilities.

Our experts provide independent analysis that is focused on one thing only; making sure that your business can perform to its very best.

Contact Us About Your Organisational Change Journey

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It’s Time To Start Thinking Differently

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