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Management Information Systems

In AAL our team have extensive experience with the integration of technology, project management from project approval to implementation over the past 20 years.


Integration of software and ERP systems is a key project for many businesses, the critical piece is the implementation and monitoring and measuring.  The issue for many of our clients is understanding the business needs in alignment to systems input and output.  Understanding your business needs and the application to technology see below on how Bespoke Systems Integration issues can increase the implementation times.

Bespoke System Integration

The benefits of a rapid ERP implementation is not ideal! Why?   Rather than spending months on business process definition and considering myriad features and options available in the software, many ERP customers agree to accept standard, predefined business processes pre-configured by the system integrator. Often and that is very often, the implementation is based on templates tailored for specific industries, described as incorporating many business process or compliance requirements specific to those industries.  That is not what your business needs, it needs to be tailored for your business needs to be evaluated over a period to ensure the ability of the business to grow with the platform.  The issue of integrating standard templates often results in the organisation never getting the key value in implementation of an ERP system, namely costs optimisation, automation and risk management for a stronger organisation.

Proven Methodology

Our focused commitment to Business Process Solutions, Enterprise Information Management and Governance, Risk and Compliance enables us to deliver unparalleled service, strategy and solutions.   Our Methodology is proven to be informed on your business, its current status and its business vision.

Whether your organization is small to medium sized or Multinational, we provide value no matter where you are in your  Business Development and Technological journey.

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