Hello & Welcome to AAL –  the practical straight talking no nonsense advice for your business.

AAL was established in 2007 with the purpose to provide real solution for the business needs.  These solutions are adapted and developed for each client to achieve maximum efficiency and safeguarding against risk.

Success has resulted in the clarity of services in Advisory and Accounting.  Unique to AAL services is their onsite and operational knowledge of established business models, the proven methodology of their process and the ongoing development and growth of client businesses.

Áine and the teamwork with clients assisting them in:

  • Business Management,
  • Restructuring,
  • Accountancy Solutions,
  • Taxation Advice,
  • Business Process Automation,
  • Model Analysis,
  • Contract Negotiation,
  • Team Development,
  • Business Performance,
  • Software analysis
  • Implementation


To lead and deliver effective efficient solutions for our clients’

AAL’s success is built upon our knowledge and experience in being able to work side by side with our clients. AAL’s experience spans across diverse sectors giving the expertise to deliver a wide range of unique services. The services provided at AAL offer an inimitable approach to our clients’ business, which is a truly transformational journey, it provides perspective, identifies opportunity and risk. Accountable Advisors have the ability to advise and challenge current business models of clients in the fast-changing environment.

It’s like having an in-house Financial Controller at a fraction of the price, whilst still providing the safety net of external advice.


Meet the Team

Áine Kiely O'Donnell FCPA MBA AM
Managing Director

Áine has worked in various industries and practice over 30 years.  Aine’s approach is direct using a clear methodology to provide practical and effective solutions for her clients.  Áine is an expert in the field of business operation analysis, having roles at CFO, FC, Operations Management, and Project Management within Industry.

Andrea Harpur FCPA
Company Compliance

Andrea has over 20 years experience in compliance and financial management.  She is the 'go to person' for any compliance related issues.

Denise McMenamin BBS
Business & Finance Compliance

An Accountant with over 10 years financial management, Denise gets the job done for effective financial control of your business.

Ben Wall BBS
Business Taxes Management

Invaluable experience in the pharmaceutical industry on operational management and delivery of deadlines.  Ben is the controller of your day to day tax management.  Ben supports our clients on Business Processing, Control and Management.  

Laura O’Keeffe ACA CTA
Tax & Financial Planning

A Financial Expert having worked with many Corporate and Internal Audit Clients over the past 15 years, Laura provides our clients with knowledge and structure in Taxation and Personal & Business Planning.  KPMG trained Laura has combined her practice and industry experience that is invaluable to our clients.  

Patricia Donovan FCCA
Business Advisory & Business Development

A key cog to the wheel in the AAL business, with the Funding & Banking Expertise to the forefront.  Patricia has brought invaluable insight for our clients on structure and resource management advisory services.


Associates of the business include – 

Legal Firms, Marketing Firms, IT Companies, Health and Safety Experts, Data Management Companies, Business Process Automation Software Providers, Various Professional Practices.