Client Overview

The client, has a team of long term serving staff.AAL were engaged by the business to improve  communication within the organisation was a review of reasons on the significant lack of motivation to work as a team.  The results from the Service were significant, in that the communication and culture has seen dramatic change after programme completion. We continue to advise with this client.

The Challenge

On meeting with the team and having the initial discussions, there were underlying issues that complicated the communication and culture change process. The to provide team development services with the initial focus on communication. This analysed core responsibilities, evaluation of the personnel and their status within the organisation.

The Results

Our review analysed the past the present and future to commence the programme. We developed and designed the team and work management programme over a period which was a comprehensive solution to the internal problems within the business. A cohesive management and communications structure was put in place to enable management to continue in their day to day management ensuring monitoring and measuring. Successfully completed the programme gave the significant results in communication and empowerment within the team dynamic, and AAL retained the client in an advisory capacity, into the future As an independent advisor we implemented change that was embraced by all team members.


Over the years we had come through a great deal of change and as we were not efficiently communicating as a team or administrating the business effectively it was leading to our staff being demotivated and creating a significant atmosphere that was affecting our output and performance. There were far too many grey areas which made it very hard to decipher the real source of our problems. We engaged with AAL as independent advisors to identify issues. Cliques were evident within the teams which were detrimental to the atmosphere of the business. The interesting thing is that as AAL are independent the team opened up to them and told it as it was. AAL provided great insight to our issues that were communicated clearly to staff and resolved with innovative team development and communication & programmes. The team are working through their programme continually, as it is part of our on going strategy.  AAL service identified the road-mapping, the training and providing support to our team and management in making the change policy happen. The clarity in terms of their approach from presentations to communications was energising and new. We still work with AAL on an advisory capacity to monitor the continued effectiveness of our team development. I would recommend AAL to any business that is in need of resolving team issues and improving management styles. The work environment has improved and the communication process is much clearer and more importantly I can confidently deal with issues as I am empowered, but I also know that AAL are there to support if there are any other issues.

Case Study Details

Services Used:

Team Building

Management Development

Sectors: Leadership
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