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Aine Kiely O’Donnell FCPA MBA AM

Managing Director

  • Aine is an expert in the field of business operation analysis, having roles at CFO, FC, Operations Management, and Project Management within Industry.
  • With over 25+ years’ experience Aine has worked within many corporate sectors, Aine experience has provided invaluable experience for our clients
  • Accountable Advisors est. in 2007, Aine and the team work with clients assisting them in Business Management,  Restructure, Accountancy Solutions, Taxation Advice, Business Process Automation, Model Analysis, Contract Negotiation, Team Development, Business Performance, Software analysis and implementation. Business Startups and Support

Laura O’Keeffe ACA AITI

  • Tax Expert with AAL, Laura is an expert in her field of Taxation and Accountancy with a background in Industry and Public / Private Sector Clients
  • Laura holds workshops for clients on Succession Planning and Tax Planning

AAL Advisors differentiate WE TAKE THE  Top down to Bottom up methodology, providing a holistic analysis of the business model.   Integrating our advice and recommendations across all functions of the business enabling the people, performance and technological advances for efficiency within business.

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