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Accountancy & Tax

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We have vast experience in the manufacturing sector across lots of industries and regardless of the product type, analysis of production is key. The internal work flow processes, infrastructure, operations communications and personnel combine to create an output, and from this the % margins give a return. We conduct due diligence to analyse all areas affecting production to simplify and streamline the process flow to increase production capability and a return on investment. Key to Manufacturing is Decision Making Capability at each level of process contact us to find out more.

Charities ›


Our team have first-hand experience with charities and new charity legislation implemented in 2015. We work with your organisation to safeguard income streams whilst ensuring compliance and transparency.

Telecom Engineering

Telecom Engineering

Our team has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names on behalf of our customers at a global level.The market and industry has changed considerably over the past 5 years with businesses having to innovate and adapt to remain competitive.

Retail ›


Retail epos systems structure and controls are key to the management and performance of retail business today. Talk to us about how to improve your bottom line

Agriculture ›


Our reputation in the food and agribusiness is without question exceptional. AAL work with our agri clients to advise and analyse their performance on production. Succession Plan are a constant requirement for our clients in this sector, contact AAL.

Franchises ›


Franchises are more popular with business owners who need to reduce overheads, increase purchasing power and better sales strategy. AAL will assist your business management decisions.

Engineering ›


Engineering is a sector we specialise in and in recent times we have helped our clients to develop opportunities and minimise risks to create and maintain sustainability.

Construction ›


Construction companies have adopted new approaches in the past number of years to address the risk of the economic climate and regulatory requirements to find new innovative opportunities for growth.

Hospitality ›


As a sector, hospitality has changed dramatically in recent times and proprietors have had to adapt to the market conditions. We work with clients to understand they key KPI’s, applying industry know-how and experience in the building of bespoke business creating opportunities for sales and seamless services. Hospitality is about service and cost management, our approach is holistic to the leadership and management of the business needs.

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AAL were a breath of fresh air, from what we would consider the traditional accountant. Their personal approach, their review and explanations and their understanding of how to run a business was very important to us when we asked for their services. The interim accounting and on line service they offer gives great assurance to us that we are managing our financials. The enthusiasm in which they approach the work is unique, and they quickly act to assist our requirements, shown recently in the savings they sought for us on insurance costs. I couldn’t recommend AAL highly enough, they are so much more than accountants and advisors, they are our business partners.
Tipperary Construction Company
AAL are the missing cog needed to keep your business running smoothly. When we first made contact with AAL we were at a point with our business where we were not sure how to continue and needed more than an Accountant. We were provided with Advice on how to proceed, we were advised what information we needed to gather to re-assess. We were assisted in setting new goals and targets and helped to break them down to ensure they were realistic and achievable. AAL process is working with current data, so you are not basing targets and goals on historical information. They consistently strive to improve not only your processes but their own also. They are innovative and knowledgeable in so many business areas, they have the expertise to bring you the very best service. Being self employed you always have to be willing to push the extra mile and AAL will be by your side all the way.
We requested AAL to review our team and our communication, from management to staff and vice versa. They gave us the process of delivery to begin with, and throughout the programme they gave us continued feedback. The workshops assisted both management and staff to understand their own capability of the different styles and how to communicate better. The continued support after the programme has been tremendous. The programme was very successful as it changed the culture and environment within our business as it made everyone understand their responsibilities to the business but also their ability and the training they needed. AAL have a very high level of professionalism in their management and delivery of the programme, which gave confidence and assurance to the team shown through their engagement of same. We would highly recommend them to assist any team with their leadership and development requirements.