• Team Structures
  • Management Training
  • Capability Review
  • Body Language Training
  • Team Culture Analysis
  • Facilitation Meetings
  • Mediation for Conflict
  • Team U Motivation

Team & Team Motivation

AAL’s Team Solutions help organisations identify cultural incongruences by assessing operating protocols, wild cards, and most importantly, the impact of a cultural disruption to the bottom line. The focus on people for our professionals is working side by side with the leadership team to assess talent across a wide spectrum of indicators and evaluate its impact to determine most appropriate course of action pre and post transaction or business changes.  Investing in people gives agility, flexibility and capability, for future business success.

The responsibility of the leadership team is for effective performance of the organisation.   AAL deliver workshops and training for the leadership team to align their talent management with the business vision, to empower effective teams and develop management styles.  AAL solutions  define the issues, communicate and collaborate with teams and their leaders to understand the fundamental issues.

AAL’s solutions engage and evaluate the analysis of organisation’s through the lens of  an independent observer. The ‘what’s’ i.e. goals, are generic, the ‘hows’ are specific to the organisation.  The EXTERNAL Advisor is the key to the change in people and performance as TRUST is a key factor in the programme, A key question ‘are your management team TRUSTED ?

The context knowledge is the focus for AAL within the business, simplifying communication, standards, measurements, management styles and a myriad of other issues need to be considered. The environment in which teams work is important, response to situations, the contextual knowledge, and the business mindset to risk & change.

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