In times of disruption or crisis, novel circumstances abound. Understanding the contours of what is happening and what is most likely to happen next can be the difficult piece, especially if you are a traditional thinker.  Áine Kiely O’Donnell looks at new ways of thinking that might help you, and your business, in these extraordinary times.

There is no singular answer to the many problems that are there for us to solve.  In times like these, where we are challenged not only by the global pandemic of Covid-19, but with issues relating to global trade and politics, those who lead their businesses effectively will pull through and prosper.

There are four methods that you can use to  help you to break through barriers to understanding opportunities and risks. These are not necessarily the only ways, but they are critical to understanding the challenges at hand.

The four ways that I refer to are:

  • Use systems thinking – Relationship modelling, and feedback loops
  • Explore the Risk Factors – What you don’t know, broaden variable
  • Observe – Walk through observing customers and people
  • Physical environment – Disrupt, walk talk and change our environment to change our surroundings, rekindle fresh thinking

No one can know everything or account for every situation. However, we can be more perceptive by exploring different techniques for understanding what happens around us. That means that we need to ask more questions.  We need to question those around us, and ourselves.  And, I have some questions for you.

Questions For You To Ask Yourself

  • Which way of thinking did you most rely on when making a recent decision at work?
  • Did you use business case thinking, following certain assumptions about what the truth is and what is not, justification of assumptions and belief, quantitative linear reasoning, methods taught in College and brought to the workplace?

Or, did you

  • Understand all the pieces of the issue, examining it in its entirety?
  • Did you request feedback from the relationships to understand the top down and bottom up approach?

Or, did you

  • Explore the unknown variables, the negative space, not relying solely on the data that has provided information to what we know, understand and articulate the don’t know piece is to broaden the view of the issue?

Or, did you

  • Listen observe and take time to walk through the nuances of the matter through conscientious study and practice and look qualitatively rather than quantitatively?

Or, did you

  • Refresh your thinking change your routine, surroundings, physical environment and change your thinking patterns?
  • Take a route unfamiliar to you to refresh and stimulate your insights?

Admittedly, there is a lot to take in here and a lot to think about.  Use this unique time in our lives to think about these things.  The global economy is being impacted at every level by many forces, not least the Coronavirus.  It is forcing business leaders everywhere to examine their ‘how, why, where, when, which, who and why not’s?’.  Now is the right time to shift your thinking to see where you and your business can go.

The same way of thinking gets the same results. Think Differently.

AAL embraces fresh thinking and can help you to achieve greater results.  We have a track record of working with entrepreneurs to help and guide them in re-imagining what they can do and achieve.

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