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How Automation Can Help You To Grow Your Business

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is neither costly to the business owner nor challenging to the employee. Rather, it gives the finance function real-time data to enable companies to make informed decisions while using the most up to date information. […]

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USC threshold increasing due to rise in minimum wage

The threshold for USC is to be raised to allow for a previously announced increase in the minimum wage.

This will benefit all taxpayers as well as ensuring those on the minimum wage will continue to pay USC at a maximum rate of 2%. 

Last month the government announced it had decided to raise the minimum wage, given […]

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Businesses warned to deal with cashflow implications of Brexit

Businesses are being advised to put a number of preparatory steps in place to deal with the financial and cashflow implications of Brexit.

Britain is scheduled to leave the EU at the end of this month when an eleven month transition period begins.

The Banking and Payments Federation has produced a useful checklist of essential items for […]

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Revenue’s PAYE changes will see end of P60

Revenue has today outlined what it has described as the most significant changes to the tax system since 1960 when PAYE was introduced.

The changes are intended to make tax matters easier for the general public by removing much of the paperwork that normally goes in tandem with paying tax.

The new system will result in the […]

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Minimum wage set to increase by 30 cent an hour from February

The National Minimum wage will increase to €10.10 in February, the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection has announced.

That represents an increase of 30 cent on the current rate of €9.80 per hour.

It is estimated that over 127,000 workers would benefit from the increase.

Minister Regina Doherty said the Government had decided to increase the […]

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Less than half of all employees have a private pension – CSO

Less than half of all employees have a private pension – CSO

Less than half of all employees in Ireland were saving towards a pension last year, according to the Central Statistics Office.

Its survey of pension coverage in the third quarter of 2018 found that 47.1% of all people in employment were contributing towards a private […]

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New Revenue system to hit SMEs for unpaid tax

New Revenue system to hit SMEs for unpaid tax

The Revenue Commissioners will chase more small companies for unpaid tax following the launch of a new high-tech debt management system.

Revenue’s Debt Management Services (DMS), which was brought in last week, uses technology to deal with a wider range of taxpayers.

This will include those who previously may […]

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The big impact of Brexit on Ireland’s small businesses

The big impact of Brexit on Ireland’s small businesses

Opinion: there is no doubt that Brexit will impact small businesses, but the impact is and will be different for different sectors

The economic and political uncertainty surrounding Brexit is a constant in our news cycle since the referendum in the UK in 2016 and there is little […]

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Is investing in stocks a better bet than property?

Weekend newspaper supplements often quiz somebody reasonably well known about their finances. The answers are often the same: ‘money is not my main motivation, my priorities are my family, friends and employees’ and other assorted fibs. One question that always receives the same answer is about property versus shares. People always say that they much […]

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More than half of Irish SMEs have yet to plan for Brexit – survey

With just 46 days left until the UK is due to leave the EU, a new survey in Ireland has found that more than half of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have yet to begin Brexit planning.

The AIB Brexit Sentiment Index also found that the Irish tourism industry is the one already feeling the greatest […]

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