Brexit the the dominant issue of our time in the UK, Ireland and elsewhere in the European Union.  At AAL we have worked with our client companies to ensure that their interests are protected irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations with the EU and the decision of the UK parliament.

Since June 2016 our advisory team has worked with client companies to assess exposures and to implement solutions that will enable our businesses to continue to trade profitably.

Among the issues that we have addressed on behalf of clients are:

  • The reorganisation of trade routes and logistics where the UK has been used as a ‘landbridge’ to and from the Republic of Ireland.
  • The reorganisation of UK subsidiaries to minimise exposure to possible tariffs in the event of a no deal outcome.

  • Acting as the EU authorized representative for a UK client in the heavy machinery sector to facilitate the clients continuing growth of their EU 27 client base.
  • Providing an EU presence for companies currently trading into Europe from the UK.  We have facilitated the creation of EU based offices for many of our clients since June 2016.  This is quite a popular service. Estimates released just 8 months after the result of the referendum showed that over 100,000 UK companies had registered companies with the Irish Companies Registrations Office. AAL can help your company to continue its presence in the EU by establishing a company in Ireland.  We can also assist with office set-up and associated tasks.

AAL can help you with any Brexit related queries that your business might have.  Contact Áine O’Donnell on 00352 (0)52 61 37775 for an initial discussion on any Brexit related issues.