The Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme replaces the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme on September 1st.  The retiring scheme saw the Government support over 400,000 people during the pandemic.  The new scheme does not have many differences in comparison to the previous scheme.  However, employers need to be aware of the qualifying criteria. One of the main qualifying criteria is that employers seeking to avail of the EWSS must have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC).

To date, under the TWSS, almost 15,000 businesses that had not previously needed a Tax Clearance Certificate were able to avail of the scheme.  Now, however, the new scheme compels all applicants to have a valid Tax Clearance Certificate.

AAL Can Help You If You Do Not Have A Valid Tax Clearance Certificate

This might not be so simple for many businesses such as those that have not had one previously or businesses who have had issues with their tax affairs previously.  AAL is helping businesses in this situation at the moment so that they can start to avail of the new Employee Wage Subsidy Scheme.

The previous scheme supported almost 70,000 employers and it is expected that at least a quarter of a million employees will be supported in the initial stages of the new scheme.  So, it is vitally important if your business wants to continue to avail of the supports available that it deals with any issues surrounding a valid TCC.

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