Truly knowing your business can impact positively on the management and success of your business through times of crisis.  Now more than ever having a positive advantage is a must.  Do business leaders know their business? Do you? Read on to see how well you rate.


Why should we be so focused on knowing our business?

In the past number of years, the client’s response to the above is that “we know the information at year-end”. Waiting until the end of the year to find out how your business is performing is no good in the current climat. Knowing how your business is performing is more than reading the figures at taxation deadline.  It is the business landscape from all disciplines within; from the first time the phone rings or delivering the product/service to the customer to knowing purpose and process to produce profit.

Knowing this, is your operation. The operation is the people and the structure within, underneath, and around your business. You need to be able to answer the question: what your structure and governance? And, is it adjusting to the new normal, or was it working before the new normal?

Leaders and owners of SME companies need to understand the: Business Landscape, Model, and Cost Smart, they need to stop the lag and the charade of “we understand our figures”, yet being surprised when it comes to discussing their business performance in various sectors or divisions.

Business Performance

Business Performance is not just profit, it is how you do business and how well you know how you do business and how you output that so that it can be accurately analysed.  That is the People, Position Price, and Performance.

The art is in the details.

Risk is involved in the right decision making it is minimized, do we make decision based on limited data and limited capability on the data?  You need to ask yourself that, when looking at your business.

Operations and the mobilization of operations, the change, and suddenness of the new norm, to adjust to cater for People, has an impact on our other P’s.

Output analysis of people, jobs, roles, and capabilities, yet who is the assessor of the performance? how relevant is it if the data and performance analysis is year-end?

Structure: what structure? what system? what technology is enabled to assist or disable business communications?  It is time to realize that it’s about the heartbeat of the business and the bloodlines that flow within, integration of the communication, and structure to how to output real information for you to know your business with your value proposition aligned.

The pandemic has shown how a shock to the environment can shut down everything with immediate effect from a cultural shift in the office to the mobilization of the office.  Fundamental to this model is productivity, delegation, and trust. The business landscape is integrated like the air we breathe everything is inter-dependent without these key characteristics it is difficult to manage to have sustainable development.  Has the capability left the building?

Identify your knowledge and capability gap and start the change to a new norm, there is still time to adapt and be Agile, let us go and discover.

The Ability for Agility

Urgency is key here, time for lag and drag is no more.  To stay at pace and to get ahead think on your Knowledge Gap, across the business landscape, commence the discovery of how to make the change.

Knowledge is key on the Resources and Capabilities.   It is not high turnover in staff or low productivity, or viewed as inconsistent that you want it is a key indicator of Leadership Qualities for the business and how delegation and communication functions within.

Lag & Drag on a Business

The lag and drag on knowing and being immobile to action, can cost a business dearly, a sense of urgency is required with inspired Leadership. To be inspired you need to know your business.

Business Structure and the platform to execute your very rapidly transforming strategy is key to sustainable development now more than ever.

The Governance and Structures of a Business.

The Platform is how you execute, communicate collaborate and where the passion of the business lies.

Leadership, knowing when it is not your role and to delegate, and who is capable and trustworthy.  It could be that why did people leave and why did then not want to stay with your company.  Knowing when to say it is not my role and not being all things to all people.  All the above is not about micromanagement of all functions within a business, it is about the urgency for revitalization and engaging with delegation, trust, and inspired leadership.

The question “how well do you know your business?” is lost on many business leaders today.   We have found on discussing the case with companies a weakness is the technological changes in 10 years how so many businesses have not understood the huge opportunities to make the savings and to lighten the business.

Key Money

Many businesses tell us that they have accounts, they have ‘the somebody in the office’ (that might be many people) with new governance and new structures they can contribute more to your business and contribute more to your bottom line, instead of it being ‘cost’ as it is referred to by many owners.


Have you an urgency to hire the lag and drag? Doing the same old thing is not effective in today’s environment or global economy and will not help you to succeed in business.  NOW it is important to be agile and know the business.

  • Governance and Agility is key, enable the change with investment and Revitalize Capability
  • Identify the knowledge Gap
  • Urgency injects Agility and Speed – have passion and drive for a business transformation.
  • Investment is key – Remember 2008 agility was key to the shocks
  • Trust is the foundation of delegation – Delegation of Trust
  • Communication prioritize the Program Structure and Strategy
  • Agile Automated Leadership – AAL

So, do you know your business and have you the urgency needed to make the change – not just the figures remember or the ‘accounts’ end of year.  Take control and know your business.

The business landscape integration working on a structure and governance that is solid with opportunity awaiting and unfolding to improve PEOPLE, POSITION, PRICE AND PERFORMANCE.  Would you risk your house and the foundations in your home the wrong structure in the any SCENARIO fractures and crumbles as it can sink a business?

Business Landscape is the full picture of your business it’s the 360, to know your business is the starting point to strategy, how well do you know your business, and what do you want for your business.

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If any of the above is of interest and we assure you this is about the big picture and not just the helicopter view, it is the nuts and bolts.  Take the next step give AAL a call on your business landscape 360 and take the first step, get a consult, and discuss doing an analysis and get the ability for agility.  Call on 052 61 37775 today and start making your business work for you.