How can your attitude and the energy you display impact positively on the success of your business?  Can business leaders learn from sporting leaders?  Yes, you can.

“There are many images that stand out with Rafael Nadal. The lasso-like forehand that has wreaked havoc throughout his career; the pirate shorts and sleeveless shirts of his youth; the tics of his pre-serve routine; the forensic placement of his water bottles; the joyous fist-pumps and yells of “Si!” after another sensational winner.  But one thing sticks in the mind above all: his attitude. There has never been a moment when you could say Nadal has not given everything he had to try to win”. (Irish Times 09/07/20 S Chambers)

Why Are We So Entranced By Sport?

What do you see in teams when you go to a match at a weekend, irrespective of if it is tennis, rugby, camogie, LGFA, or GAA? Is it the chance of just watching the meeting of the two teams?  Why is sport such a rich industry across the globe? because it is something we all know and love, Why, the following are a few words to describe why we love sport it is because of the Players, Attitude, Passion, Intensity, Skill, and Capability.  The belief in the team, in the club, county, and country.

The motivation of people for their part to go and see games is to see this time and time again, and when two teams come together like the famous Tipperary & Kilkenny matches in Hurling or the Irish English rugby tussles.  The enjoyment is that of watching the skill of two teams and the competition of the two.  The change in the sporting industry worldwide has changed due to the analytics of the game as well as that of the players.  To move forward we need to understand how to move forward at an optimum level.  This along with the above game characteristics, has brought the sport to the fore leading a shining light of how business can be done.

As in sport, the business environment needs to grasp the importance of real-time analytics. This is something that we have spoken of in the past number of articles.  It is key that all the analysis, data and experience will work to a certain level to get a return from a performance, the other key ingredients are that of the Rafal Nadal: the attitude the passion and the intensity of how you want to succeed and the capability to do this.

The Ability to Adapt

Rafal Nadal is a leader on clay and grass courts, yet it was just clay he was admired for and known for.  However, he adapted, understood, and through adversity and injury worked through the pain to adapt his game to win the mental strength to adapt and succeed on any demanding surfaces.

So in this time of change, Business Success, is to the leaders of business, their intensity, their mental capacity in adversity to succeed in adapting to change and business energies.  Business needs to focus on their motivation, their attitude to their market and business and put the spotlight back on their team their sports starts and look to employ those that qualify that show intensity, passion, and positive attitude.

Looking to change and enable the business optimisation, intensify, drive, and passion the characteristics that you need in leaders at every employment point in your business.

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