This is the second part of a two-part article that looks at the benefit of innovating in your business.  We see this time as an opportunity to take stock of the strengths of your business and to move forward.  You can read the first part by clicking here.

The core purpose in any business will be difficult to deliver in the current crisis, this overview gives points on what to consider what to review, and how to communicate, all staff are leaders in their own right.  Given responsibility and a sense of purpose they engage and deliver strategy for the business.

In the current climate, we must understand where we, as leaders, need to go.  Fundamental to the process is knowing our own status, and considering if we, as leaders, need assistance.  Is it time to innovate our leadership, with new energy and new leadership roles?

Innovating Your Leadership Team

  1. To identify within the team, passionate, driven and experienced personnel who know the business
  2. Identify the limitations of the current leadership team
  3. To innovate from within or from competitors
  4. Considering Mergers and Acquisitions in a time of Crisis, Look at our Competitors the timing may be right, where is your advantage
  5. Knowing your market and the shocks to the market place

Successful leaders know and analyse their business, they understand the dynamics of the influencers, and outliers that impact the outcome of a decision.  Good Analysis provides information for a calculated risk with the alignment of the strategic vision.

Right now is time to take stock to focus on what matters to understand the curve balls as they come.  Importance of utilising research and information from above to attain the knowledge, to use that knowledge explicitly so that it can expand the network of communication and development within the team.

Being a true leader at this moment is to take the opportunity of building on the new with a sense of purpose and taking stock of the past and its learnings.

PURPOSE – Align your leadership To Core Purpose

Purpose needs motivation, passion, and drive – characteristics we mentioned earlier and maybe not as evident today as they need to be.

Leaders must be motivated, to firstly lead and then in turn succeed, to develop any business.

Reflective Learning channel it – re-energising your relationships with

  1. Customers, and
  2. Multiple Stakeholders.
  3. Staff and Training
  4. Re-energise Service Offerings & Products 

Focus: Core Purpose for Customers

  1. Connected interests and Relationships
  2. No Limitations – Outside the Box Thinking with Joined Up Approach
  3. Capabilities and Resources – Focus your Value-Add Offerings
  4. Culture – Attitude, Atmosphere, Approachable – Seamless interaction to Clients
  5. Surveys – Complete Surveys of your Clients get real information

To Implement and follow-through you need to have a full Analysis of how leadership and team perform currently.  The connectivity of the business resources and they plan and work their success through.

Unlock Potential : Focusing TEAM and CULTURE

  1. The Leadership Team – motivated, energised, and capable?
  2. Capabilities & Characteristics & Performance in Current Roles and Responsibilities.
  3. Engagement, Real Engagement – Passion, Drive, Extra Mile Personnel, Feedback

Performance versus training and engagement to training – Are your team working in the way that you want them to.  It is not the time for “it’s good enough” its time for “what you need” “What they need” questions that provoke and align and motivate.

Have you the right team is it time for change is this an opportunity to review the status.  Jim Collins in ‘Good to Great’ talks about having the right people on the bus.  Ask yourself, do you have the right people on the bus?

Do you need one Driver, and many apprentices or are they all Passengers ?

  • Trust and relationship building internally and developing the same with customers
  • Reshape your culture or enhance and develop the culture
  • Implement changes and innovations with conviction and purpose.
  • Also remember it is not everyone that is suitable “Is it time for change ?”
  • Time is now

TEAM Future: Work-Life Balance – How does your company rate in this respect?

As leaders we can often fall into the trap of believing everything that our staff tells us, or (even more foolishly) believing that everyone is as committed to the company as we are.  A proper work-life balance is a must-have in any company for both leaders and staff and it is on more people’s minds than ever before.  Companies that can offer a true balance while motivating employees will win, which in turn will motivate leaders.  To motivate ourselves we need to have motivation in the market place and know

1    The pains that customers (and prospects) are currently experiencing.  After all, most businesses exist to solve a problem

  1. The trends in the marketplace. Make sure that you research and do not limit yourself geographically to assess the trends impacting your business sector.
  2. Who are the influencers of trends in the marketplace?

2          KNOW that how you will give the added value, inspire the uninspired and underserved otherwise your purpose has not the customer to focus upon

3          The key to any business is the b2b or b2c relationship.  It is the fabric from which everything else derives.

As mentioned at the start of the article we reflect on how our leaders navigate, it is to innovate the leadership team expansion, focus on culture and communication, find the drivers of the bus and key is to have that sense of purpose that is linked to our customers and markets

We can assist in looking at issues relating to your team leadership, remember Rome was not built in a day, with AAL we help to get it done with the Leaders of other Business teams.

We have the energy and drive both remote and online to work through this, reflect on the success of the past with your business, delve into the future and innovate in the present and work its dynamics on developing a winning solution that is adaptable to change.

The situation presents an opportunity for change to be positive it is how leaders take the opportunity that presents on how to use the current dynamic for a strong platform for future success we can help you every step of the way.

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