Are You A Contractor? Are You Ready for IR 35?

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Are You A Contractor? Are You Ready for IR 35?

The introduction of IR 35 in the UK will present significant challenges to contractors.  The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a delay to the introduction of IR 35.  It was due to be introduced in April 2020.  The British Government has now decided to defer the introduction until April 2021.  The deferral gives people impacted by the introduction of  IR 35 the opportunity to spend time ascertaining their status and if they fall within our outside IR 35.  AAL can help you with your IR 35 issues. 

What is IR 35?

IR 35 is an anti-tax avoidance legislation introduced by in the UK to prevent individuals using limited companies to pay less tax.

What Is A Deemed Employee?  

Often referred to as a ‘deemed employee’ or a ‘disguised employee’, this is where an employee is recruited on a contract basis, often through an intermediary, to carry out work for a company rather than being employed with a permanent contract.

Despite a contract being with a limited company, the reality is more like an employer-employee relationship, the worker should be taxed as an employee. This is referred to as a ‘deemed employee’.

The IR35 legislation looks to identify ‘deemed employees’ and ensure they are taxed correctly, however IR 35 can impact those operating genuinely through a limited company structure due to the subjective nature of the legislation.

Who is impacted? 

IR 35 impacts UK personal service companies (PSCs) which, broadly speaking, refers to limited companies with a sole or majority director/shareholder who provides the services of the company.

Being ‘Inside IR 35’ 

If your contract is deemed inside IR 35, you’re considered an employee for tax reasons. This means you’re effectively required to pay tax at the same rate as an employee in the same tax bracket. When working inside IR 35, you’ll need to pay National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and Income Tax on your earnings.

The rules will result in an increased tax and N.I. liability and will prevent contractor companies from retaining profits to grow their business in the future.

Tax and employment legislation are currently separate. So, whilst you may be considered an employee for tax purposes, you are not automatically entitled to employment rights.

What are the next steps you should take? 

IR 35 will come into force in April 2021 and all contractors should seek advice to determine their position under the new Rules.

How AAL Can Help You 

We can advise you on the status on IR35  and ascertain if you fall within or outside of the IR35 and your options thereafter.

AAL can provide advice and guidance on this issue, to help you determine what is best for your business.

Call us on 00353 52 61 37775 today or complete the form below.

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