Today marks the start of phase 2 of the reopening of the Irish economy after the ‘lockdown’.  From today (June 8th) retail businesses with an on-street entrance/exit can reopen.  Here, we look at the issues facing retailers, the steps that they can take to assist their businesses and other sectors covered by the speeding up of the reopening.

Retail outlets can reopen from today as phase 2 of the reopening of the Irish economy begins.  The Irish government has recommended that retailers open from 10.30 each day in the initial phase to prevent overcrowding on public transport.  They have also asked retailers to consider staggering opening hours in their respective towns to prevent large groups of people congregating in town-centres.

Businesses reopening today for the first time since lockdown began in March can avail of 2 supports from the Irish government.

Funding Available for Businesses in Phase 2

The first support that they can avail of is the ‘restart cash grant’.  This scheme is administered by local authorities and is based on rates paid by a business in 2019.  You can read more about the restart grant in our article here.

The second scheme recommended by the Government for reopening businesses in the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (also known by the acronym TWSS).  We have written extensively on the scheme and you can read about the TWSS here.

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June 29th

The initial plan to reopen the economy had 4 phases.  It now has 3 as the rate of infection in the community has remained low for a prolonged period.  As a result of that, many of the business sectors that had been told that they would not be reopening until late July will now be able to open from June 29th.  These include hotels and restaurants.  Bars serving food can also open on this date, without the need for a restaurant licence, but they will need to ensure that they do not allow patrons to congregate or sit at the bar area.  We have a wide range of business associates, including health and safety specialists, who can assist businesses in preparing for reopening and helping them to ensure that they are compliant with the guidance.  Contact us if we can be of assistance.

Shopping centres have been given the go-ahead to open from June 15th and they have been advised to remove/ restrict access to areas where groups might congregate such as benches, fountains, and food courts.

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