We have written extensively since the start of the year about the supports that are available to business owners and what you can do to grow revenue at your company.  Here, we look at the most-read articles so far this year on AAL.ie.

The articles below focus on helping you to think and grow as a business owner.  They have been written by our colleagues at AAL who specialise in helping businesses to succeed.  If you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in the articles below, then just call us on 05261 37775 or email our Managing Director, Áine Kiely O’Donnell at: [email protected]

What Business Leaders Can Learn from Sports Leaders

How can your attitude and the energy you display impact positively on the success of your business?  Can business leaders learn from sporting leaders?  Yes, you can.

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Business Life After Covid – What Next?

So, you have made adjustments to the business to deal with Covid shutdowns. Now, the focus has to be on stabilisation and looking to build a prosperous 2021 which is only 6 months from now.  Most business owners are adopting quickly to get back to some form of normality.  The question is: what is normal?  Here, we look at life after Covid for businesses and what you can do to be ready.

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What You Need To Do When Working With Your Accountant

2020 has brought many changes and we are only halfway through the year. The changes have given many business owners the time for deep reflection about their businesses and the strategy for the future. One of the issues is how you work with your accountant.

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Organisational Change Is Now Continual Change

There is some hope that the crisis is peaking from a health and economic perspective.  There is no denying that the pandemic has caused people to stop and think about how they are doing business and why they are doing what they do.  However, in this article our Managing Director Áine Kiely O’Donnell suggests that the businesses who have used this time to think about organisational change in their businesses will be better positioned to maintain their competitive edge.

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